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SomeBiltong - Some Biltong is the Best Biltong

What is Biltong

It's a South African cuisine food product, that is now available in Malta.  It's 100% pure protein, dried meat, with a mixture of 100% organic spices, come together and create a flavour like no other on earth.  You have to try it to believe it. A variety of ordering options, include 3 different sizes, with 2 different flavours available, with many more options coming soon.

How to enjoy Some Biltong

It's enjoyed as a snack during your favourite sport game, as a dip for your chips, or even as a spread on bread.  Most people like to enjoy it with an ice cold beer, but how ever you like it, just remember somebiltong is always better than no biltong.

Who makes SomeBiltong

SomeBiltong is made in Malta, by Dieter Grunewald, with his home made, and perfected preparation devices.  When you order Some Biltong, you are guaranteed that it's gone through a strict quality process.

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